Be Happy, Be You

How do you feel right now? Can you tell? Some of you reading this, perhaps a large number of you, have blocked off access to your genuine thoughts and feelings, almost as if you don’t trust them. Not out of a desire to remain cold and emotionless; rather, out of fear that those authentic ideas will isolate you from everyone else and expose you as ‘different’. Are you one of those people? Are you scared of letting your authentic self shine through?  If so, we’re afraid (and in many ways, relieved) to tell you that you’ve got it all wrong. Your authentic self won’t lead you to misery and isolation. Embracing your true self, along with all of your genuine thoughts and feelings, is the only way to truly become accepted—and it’s the only way to reach a sense of honest happiness.


Make Your Voice Heard

People who are unafraid to speak their mind are the happiest. What’s more, they’re also widely admired by their friends, family and colleagues. When they like something, they’ll make it known; when they dislike something, they won’t pretend otherwise. Now, it’s worth highlighting that there’s a difference between sharing honest thoughts and being offensive. If someone’s thoughts often cause offense in other people, perhaps they should evaluate where those thoughts come from and what that says about themselves.

By stowing away your honest thoughts, refraining from speaking your mind and hiding behind the ‘safe’ ideas of everyone else, you’re only reinforcing a subconscious belief that your ideas—and you as a whole—are worth less in comparison to everyone else. Of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth, but there’s only one way to prove that to yourself: by making your voice heard, expressing your valuable thoughts and sharing your insights.


Find Your True Motivation

Everyone wants something different, and some people are afraid to face up to what that is. It could be that you like painting; maybe you’re driven to work with animals; perhaps teaching’s what gets you excited. Whatever your motivation is, embracing and having the courage to strive for it is a key step on the way towards being yourself and being happy.

Social pressure can make us buy into goals, objectives and motivations that we don’t really care about (even if we think we ought to). By reflecting on what it is you truly want out of life, you can start working with a true purpose. And if there are two things that go hand-in-hand, it’s happiness and a sense of purpose.


There are dozens of ways in which we can let the outside world determine how we act, what we say or how we think. Giving in to those pressures may be easy—it may even feel safe—but it won’t lead to a sense of fulfilment, and certainly not a sense of happiness. The only way you’ll ever feel truly, genuinely happy is by reconnecting with your honest thoughts, feelings and motivations. By acting in accordance with your true self, you’ll find that your days become more rewarding than ever, and that your relationships take on all-new depth. Give it a try: we think you’ll be surprised.


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