Creating a Positive Environment

Whether you call it “feng shui”, “aesthetics” or just “good interior design”, there’s no denying the benefits of creating a positive home or work environment: it can work wonders for your mood, concentration, calmness and overall sense of wellbeing. Especially now that the home is becoming many peoples’ new virtual office, creating a productive, mood-lifting space is more important than ever. With a few simple, inexpensive tweaks and decorative touches, you can help your space exude energy and positive vibes. Try out these ideas and see how they liven up your tired old surroundings.


Shine Some Light on the Subject


Want a quick, foolproof way to feel good in your home or work environment? Turn up those lights! The word “bright” is literally synonymous with happiness and liveliness. By adding a few extra light fixtures to rooms (especially ones that mesh with your space’s existing style), you’ll be basking in the glow of positive energy in no time.


Natural Lighting


For an extra feel-good vitamin D kick, consider installing some natural light fixtures: ceiling lights, for example, are invaluable for creating open, positive environments. Of course, installing a ceiling light isn’t the most cost-effective solution, and so there’s nothing wrong with just pulling open those curtains and letting your existing windows do their job. Vitamin D is vitamin D, no matter where it comes from!


Add a Personal Photo or Two


A home doesn’t quite feel like a home until it’s got some personal touches. If you’re feeling a little emotionally ‘cold’ looking around the barren walls and surfaces of your home, or if your office is giving a distinctly soulless impression, consider placing some personal photos in and around your environment. It’s completely up to you what’s in those photos: friends, family, pets or even the location of your favourite holiday—the important thing is that it evokes nothing but positive memories.


Embrace Nature


Indoor plants should be a part of every feel-good interior design. They’re natural air purifiers, helping to filter pollutants like mould, carbon monoxide and more out of an environment. In addition, studies show that they’re able to reduce stress and increase concentration—perfect for that home office! Spider Plants, Pothos and Chrysanthemums are among the best in terms of purifying effectiveness, but there’s nothing wrong with going for whichever plant you think looks best.


Add a Splash of Colour


Muted, pastel colours can work for some rooms, but there's something to be said for the mood-boosting power of bold, eye-catching tones. If you’ve got the time, repainting your environment can be a great way to completely transform a dull room into one that energises and emboldens you.


Creating a positive environment needn’t be a massive undertaking. With a few simple tweaks, additions and careful touches, you can make your home or office a place that helps you feel good and focus.

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