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Can working out help you sleep better?

Working out is great for your body and mind - and it also helps you to get a good night's sleep too, and it is scientifically proven!

By making time to workout out it will give a boost to sleep by improving sleep quality. Exercise allows you to have a peaceful sleep as it is the time where your body calms and restores. This boosts immune function and also helps to control stress and anxiety.

Working out also helps increase sleep amounts. Being physically active requires you to expend energy that makes you feel more tired in the day and ready to rest at the end of the day. Stress is also a common cause of not being able to sleep which is why working out is vital to reduce these stress levels, to lower cortisol levels and reduce blood pressure.

So by working out, not only do you feel better but you lower any stresses of the day to allow you to have a peaceful night's sleep.

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