The Importance of Embracing Your Imperfections

You are a valuable person, bursting with all manner of gifts and virtues, things that make you unique; nobody can take that away from you. Sadly, it can be easy to forget this at times. When you’re feeling down, your imperfections can loom large and seem to dominate your positive qualities, clawing away at your self-esteem and making you forget your worth. 


That’s why it’s so important to recognise and embrace your flaws and imperfections rather than let them bother you. After all, nobody will ever be perfect, but lots of people out there are happy. How do they achieve that happiness? By accepting themselves, warts and all. 


When you embrace your flaws and imperfections, you’ll find that…


You Discover What’s Worth Fighting For


Trying to appear perfect is exhausting. It’ll leave you working yourself ragged just to keep up appearances, struggling along with things that you don’t even care about. Why? To impress other people. You’ll be fighting battles and taking on unnecessary stress just to build up an impossible image of perfection for people that don’t deserve it.


When you let go of all that, however, you’ll be left with a sense of peace and clarity. You’ll be able to clearly see what truly matters in life—what you really care about. Best of all, with that clarity comes an ability to channel your energy towards the things that truly matter and away from the pointless pursuit of covering up your imperfections. By embracing those imperfections, you’ll be on the path to peace, clarity and happiness.


You Get On Better With People


If there’s one thing everyone has in common, it’s imperfection. From the people sitting opposite you on the train to the supermodels strutting the catwalks, they’ve all got their imperfections. Unsurprisingly, just like you, most of those people also struggle with facing those imperfections head on—yes, even the supermodels.


If you can start embracing your flaws and recognising that everyone struggles with self-consciousness, you’ll become a more open person; people will want to spend time around you. Why is that? Simple: when you judge yourself harshly, people sense that you’re judging them too (even if you’re not). By relaxing in your own skin, you’ll encourage people around you to do the same, giving you an aura of positivity and acceptance.


Life is Easier and More Fulfilling


It might sound a little hard to believe, but it’s true. Living under the weight of constant self-criticism is difficult. It absorbs your thought process, making work, conversation and even leisure more difficult to engage with.


Living fearlessly and laughing in the face of your imperfections will liberate your mind and prime you for every aspect of life. You’ll be tuned in to work, on the ball and engaged with responsibilities, tasks and team meetings; you’ll make a great conversationalist, focused and genuinely listening to what’s being said; and you’ll find your leisure time more engaging and fun than ever before.


Letting your flaws get their hooks into you and affect your self-confidence will only achieve one thing: making you miserable. By remembering that everyone is imperfectand embracing the things that make you imperfect tooyou’ll free your mind from unneeded stress and open a new chapter of positivity and energy in your life.

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