Top tips to avoid bloating

How do we beat the bloat?

Here are 6 top tips you need to know to avoid bloating:

Eat slowly

Take your time when eating as it will reduce your overall food intake and make you feel full up for longer.

Go for a walk

After a meal a short walk alleviates bloating after a meal. Plus it is great for your overall health and wellbeing - it can be a part of your daily exercise.

Avoid food high in fat

Fat moves slowly through our digestive tracts which causes bloating. So pay attention to what you eat and opt for healthier saturates instead such as avocado, nuts and seeds.

Reduce the amount of salt

Salt causes long-term health problems but in short leads to water retention which leads to bloating. So avoid excess sodium and check your food labels, and reduce intake of processed foods.

Keep an eye on fibre

Foods that contain fibre such as whole grains and beans are a common cause of bloating. Whilst they are necessary to keeping healthy it is important to monitor how much you do it.

Watch your portion size

Eating large portions leads to indigestion and bloating. So eat the correct portions and don’t over eat.

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