What is Confidence?



Confidence is a belief, a belief in yourself, your abilities and your own self-worth. Your confidence impacts everything you do from morning to night; it impacts how people perceive you, interact with you and treat you. It determines how you engage with life, how you treat other people and how you react to success (or failure). Confidence is the key to being happy and feeling fulfilled.


Overwhelmed? Worried that your lack of confidence is holding you back? Don’t worry: for every way that confidence can help improve your life, there’s a straightforward way to help you gain it. After all, most people don’t start off confident, but anyone can become confident.


Confidence in Daily Life


Spotting a confident person on the street is easy. They’ll be the ones walking tall with their head held high, open and alert to everything going on around them. Why? Well because confidence emboldens you to engage with the world and feel secure in your place within it.


When working with a confident mindset, you'll firmly and clearly communicate your ideas. People will treat you and your thoughts with respect; after all, your confident attitude demands it. If you're a leader, your team will work with absolute faith in your vision. If you're not a leader, you might find that people start asking you "why not?"


In your relationships, a confident attitude makes you a joy to be around. You’ll share your personality with friends and loved ones without restraint, without holding back. Meeting new people and forming relationships will be easy (although it might still be a little nerve-wracking). What’s more, you’ll have a greater sense of self-worth and seek healthier, more constructive relationships as a result.


There’s truly no end to the ways that a sense of confidence can impact your experience of life. The question is, how can you build confidence?


Building Confidence


As mentioned, there are a lot of ways to build confidence, more than can fit on this page! If you’re looking to feel good and act with the boldness that only comes with confidence, take a look at the following tips.


Whether you feel it or not, try to project an image of confidence in your body language. Stand straight and walk with purpose; try to avoid hunching when sitting down. It’s proven that displaying confident body language like this can help boost your levels of confidence. Why not give it a go right now? Sit up straight and feel the confidence flow through you!


Focusing on your achievements can also help you develop a lasting sense of confidence. It’s easy to fall into the trap of fixating on mistakes and downplaying successes. By allowing yourself the space to reflect upon your victories, you’ll develop an appreciation for your own value as a person with skills and talents.


If unconfident people don’t focus enough on their achievements, they focus too much on other people’s opinion of them. One of the major steps on the path to confidence is learning to ignore what other people think of you. Of course, criticism is often a valuable tool for self-improvement, but insults and nitpicking don’t fall under that category. By ignoring them, you’ll be happier, clear-headed and far more confident.


Confidence opens up so many avenues in life, and achieving a confident mindset is so simple. You owe it to your work, your relationships and—most of all—yourself to become the confident, bold individual you know you can be!



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