Your Mind And Home - How The Decor In Your Home Can Affect Your Mood

In the current state of the world, more and more people are spending the majority of their time indoors at home. With this in mind, it's always important to make sure your surroundings are suited to you and your family. Ensuring your house is really a home can take time but here’s our top tips:


Using the correct colours in your home for you is one of the easiest and best things you can do to improve your home. Having black or grey walls can make your rooms feel dark and gloomy, especially in winter months when your daylight is limited. Colour has a huge effect on your state of mind and can actually act as a stimulant if you pick the right colours for you. Some examples of happy colours for your home are pastel greens, yellows, and blues as they are calming and add a sense of serenity to your home.


Similarly to colour, lighting can have a huge effect on your mindset. It needs to match the colour of your room and the functionality of the room too so that you’re not blinded or in complete darkness! It’s always a good idea to invest in some smart bulbs around the house so you can change the tone and the colour of the lighting in each room separately to suit your room and the time of the day. Although smart bulbs can lighten up any room, natural light is important for every home to let it in as much as possible! Natural light gives your body more Vitamin D, making you feel energised and improving your mood. 

Storage & Organisation 

Having a messy and unorganised home can take a toll on your mental health at the moment if you’re spending the majority of your time at home. Clutter and clothes thrown anywhere and everywhere can be daunting as it's another task added to the long list of housework you may already have. This is why it's extremely important to have all your personal items organised and stored in a way that makes sense to you and your family. A task as simple as organising your wardrobe in colour order can help reduce decision fatigue, which can then reduce stress in your day to day life.


When making your home a more enjoyable place to be, you also need to consider the function of each item you bring into your home. Making sure the set of drawers you purchased not only looks the part but also needs to hold everything you planned on holding. Although this seems basic, if you have to move items of clothing you planned on keeping in the drawers to the bottom of your wardrobe, it then creates more mess and clutter. This is why it's essential to think about new furniture in your home to reduce any further issues or stress.

Having to redecorate and consider all of the above isn’t an effortless task. However, once you’ve completed each room to suit you and your family there won’t be a better feeling each time you walk through your door.

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