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Lovd was established in 2020, one of - if not the most - difficult years of modern mental health and mindset struggles. With health scares, international lockdowns and uncertainty at an all time high, there’s never been a more important time for a platform which helps people to understand their minds and to start to feel more Lovd.

What does being Lovd truly mean? It’s about finding your way back to yourself; to hold a deep affection towards yourself; to cherish everything about you. Because out of everyone in the world, the most important person that you should want to love you, is you.

Nicole created Lovd to help people to understand their minds - more specifically their thoughts and behaviours - and to give them the resources they need to grow their minds to serve them in a way that makes them happier and more content in life.

Nicole suffered with social anxiety and low confidence when she was at university, and she felt like these were struggles that she had to live with, and couldn’t be fixed - until she started to speak to mental health experts.

After years of educating herself and talking to some of the best mental health experts in the world, Nicole quickly learned that the everyday struggles that the majority of people in the world struggle with are fixable, and they can be fixable simply with some education.

Once Nicole overcome her social anxiety and low confidence, helping others to understand what they’re going through and how to get through it become an integral part of her life.

No one mind is the same, so Nicole’s working with some of the best mental health experts in the world and creating courses on a range of topics, which aim to educate the user on why they have certain thoughts and behaviours, and how they can change them to ones which are more loving. If you want to start your life changing journey to becoming Lovd today, click here to start one of our courses.

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Tim Box

Tim is a Remedial Hypnotist and Mind Coach specialising in helping clients get control of their anxiety response. In 2017 he released his first book: "Clear Your Head: How to enjoy life without anxiety getting in the way" which went on to become an Amazon best seller. His TED talk 'How to stop feeling anxious about anxiety' has had over a quarter of a million views.

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Tom Curran

Tom is Assistant Professor in Psychological and Behaviour Science at the London School of Economics. He studies how the rising tide of perfectionism - in our social media feeds, in school, university, and work - is driving an increase in mental illness among young people. His TED talk 'Our dangerous obsession with with perfectionism is getting worse' has had nearly 3 million views.

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Dr. Sara Botto

Dr. Sara is a developmental psychologist and lecturer in the department of psychology at Emory University. Her research on when humans begin to care about the evaluation of others has been featured in ABC News, the Huff Post and other major newspapers. Her Ted Talk 'When do kids start to care about other people's opinions?' has had nearly a million views.

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