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Take control of your Anxiety

Why This Course?


Part 1 — Fundamentals

  • What is anxiety? — understand what anxiety actually is, the reason for the emotions anxiety creates, and the importance of speaking about how you feel 18.27
  • Anxiety is not your identity — stop telling yourself ‘I have anxiety’, and instead understand the power that lies within you to gain control of your identity, learn to believe in yourself, and to not let anxiety take over who you are 15.26
  • Anxiety is not your enemy — discover the negative effects that overthinking can have on your mind, and learn tips on how you can control your thoughts and stop being your own saboteur 10.23

Part 2 — Mind management

  • How to manage anxiety — learn how to deal with your everyday challenges, and understand the right attitude you need to overcome any struggles 20:21
  • How to deal with feeling overwhelmed — understand why you need to be kind to yourself and make yourself a priority through self care and fixing your never ending to-do lists 14.23
  • Self esteem — understand why self esteem is so important for anxiety, and learn how you can realise your own self worth and discover your full potential 13.30
  • Confidence — realise the importance you hold in the world and discover that true beauty lies within being you. Includes tips and tricks on how to love yourself, how to be confident and realising that it’s ok to make mistakes 13.02
  • When we don’t feel good enough — realise your worth and learn how to believe in yourself, and understand that self confidence is a super power in it’s own right 9.30
  • Self care — understand the life changing importance of self care, learn why new healthy habits are important, and find out new ways of looking after yourself 11.22
  • Sleep — find out how sleep is relevant to anxiety, understand the importance of sleep, and learn know how get good quality sleep 15.21

Part 3 — Specifics

  • Social anxiety — Learn how you will accept being you, realise that your opinion is the only one that matters, and understand why happiness is important 12.26
  • Taking the panic out of panic attacks — learn what creates panic attacks and how to not only cope with panic attacks, but how to actually prevent them and stay in control 11.02
  • Anxiety and trauma — understand what trauma is and how to deal with it by learning to understand that negatives can be overturned to positives, and that life is a process of learning 11.63
  • Anxiety and guilt — learn how to deal with mistakes by understanding how to control your emotions and realising that making mistakes isn’t so bad 10.36
  • Anxiety and anger — learn what anger is and how you can release anger through helpful analogies 13.30
  • Health anxiety — learn what health anxiety is and how to deal with it - especially prevalent with the current global situation 13.20
  • Anxiety and relationships — know how and why relationships are a cause of anxiety, understand the importance of finding the right person, and learn the mindset you need to have before settling down 14.36

Part 4 — Finally

  • Moving forward into the unknown — learn how to move forward and progress by understanding the importance of extending your comfort zone, and become excited for the story you have yet to tell 8:48


  • How to take back control from your anxiety
  • Manage any panic and stay in control
  • Understand your emotions and how to stop them making you anxious


  • How to take back control from your anxiety
  • Manage any panic and stay in control
  • Understand your emotions and how to stop them making you anxious


Priorities Self-talk Motivation Mindset Empowerment Self-love

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    Key Bonuses

  • Take back control
  • Understand your emotions
  • Understand how strong your really are
  • Manage any panic easily

Tim Box

Tim is a Remedial Hypnotist and Mind Coach specialising in helping clients get control of their anxiety response. He has run a full time therapeutic practice in the UK for more than 10 years. In 2017 he released his first book: Clear Your Head: How to enjoy life without anxiety getting in the way which went on to become an Amazon best seller. His TED talk 'How to stop feeling anxious about anxiety' has had over a quarter of a million views.


Struggles with: Anxiety

I've struggled with anxiety on and off since I was a little girl, so when I heard about Lovd I jumped at the opportunity to take the course! Tim breaks down the emotions and situations typically related to anxiety in such a logical way that it's hard not to turn inward and look at the stories you've been telling yourself and be inspired to rewrite them. I definitely resonated with a lot of what Nicole and Tim spoke about, and have taken the time to reflect and put into action some of the actions that Tim recommends, which in a few days have already helped me understand my feelings at a more deeper level. I'd recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about anxiety and the associated emotions that go along with it!


Struggles with: Confidence

Achievement: Walking into a room of people.

The course is in a really good format, really approachable, really easy to use. It is nice getting professional advice from Sara and stories from her professional career with first hand experiences from Nicole. There are lot of tips and advice on how to boost your self esteem and improve your confidence in yourself. It will definitely help me going forwards. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is struggling with these issues themselves


Struggles with: Anxiety

I really enjoyed the format of the sessions. Instead of being an intense monologue from a healthcare professional it seemed more like a conversation between friends. It was very helpful you can tell Nicole has dealt with these situations before and that she really wants to help people move forward and grow from them. Nicole was often voicing the dialogue that was in my head as the sessions were going on. The lengths of the sessions are really easy to fit into a busy day. Taking 20mins to listen to a session each morning really improved my outlook for the day. If you are thinking about doing one of these courses I would definitely recommend doing them because at the end of the day if you don't make time for your mental health then no one will.