Meet Sara Botto Confidence Expert!


Use your new found confidence as a tool to reach happiness.

  • What steps can you take to improve your confidence — Be the best version of you, understand how language has power, deal with self-criticism and become aware of the triggers around you. 11.12
  • Focusing on others to improve your confidence — Discover the role that community and helping others plays in improving your confidence. Own your happiness, find satisfaction in what you do and how focusing on others improves your motivation 11.22
  • How to have confidence in your relationships — Importance of being confident within yourself, realise being confident will attract confidence and why confidence in relationships is vital for their success 24.03
  • How to harness confidence to achieve productivity — Techniques to harness confidence, how confidence achieves productivity, how to ensure tasks are completed and methods to achieve goals set for the day 10.23
  • How to exude confidence through body language — What is body language? Realise how body language can be used to portray confidence 16.45
  • How to gain confidence in public speaking — Techniques to gain confidence when speaking in public, importance of body language and importance of breathing techniques 15.21

Meet the Expert

Sara Botto

Dr. Sara is a developmental psychologist and lecturer in the department of psychology at Emory University. Her research on when humans begin to care about the evaluation of others has been featured in ABC News, the Huff Post and other major newspapers. Her Ted Talk 'When do kids start to care about other people's opinions?' has had nearly a million views