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Why This Course?


Part 1 - Fundamentals

  • Growth of perfectionism — What perfectionism is really. Discover where perfectionism comes from, how perfectionism impacts our mental health and performance, know to never doubt yourself and understand the importance of loving you 8.17
  • Favourite flaws — How perfectionism is misunderstood, how our desires shape our goals and how to set realistic goals 14.56
  • What is perfectionism — how perfectionism is misunderstood/what people believe perfectionism to be/know how our desires shape our goals/how to set realistic goals 12.13

Part 2 - Perfectionism on the rise

  • Competition — What competition means when talking about perfectionism, the importance of celebrating achievements, why appreciation is key to development and the merit of self reflection 10.56
  • Social media — What is the effect social media has on today's society? Discover how to use social media to empower, motivate and recognise the conflict of Instagram vs Reality 11.23
  • Expectations in school and university — Significance of education, understand life is a constant journey of learning, know how to deal with expectations and pressures in the education domain 16.12
  • Parenting — Do you place unfair expectations on your children? Understand where expectations stem from, realise the growth in competition and know how to manage your expectations 10.19

Part 3 - Effects of perfectionism

  • Effects on body image — Do you have a healthy body image? Learn what body confidence is and the role it plays in your life, discover how to improve your body confidence and celebrate your flaws. Especially important in today’s social media prevalent world 12.34
  • Effect on mental health — Learn how to flip the script and realise that you are enough. Discover what mental health really is, how to deal with pressures and demands in society, the importance of mental health and understanding your emotions 12.22
  • Effect on day to day life — What are the effects of anxiety? Discover how important it is to give yourself a break to prevent burnout and exhaustion through expert advice in time management 11.34
  • Effect on performance — The paradox of perfectionism and how it undermines rather than enhances your performance and how to manage its effects 12.32

Part 4 - How to manage/overcome perfectionism

  • How not to give a f**k! — Lean how to be self confident and not give a f**k. Recognise your worth, recognise your opinion is worthy and how to accept constructive criticism 10.46
  • Focus on growth — Grow as an individual through discovering your purpose, focusing on optimism and extending your comfort zone 12.34
  • Self-compassion — Silence the mean critic in your head, discover why it is important to be kind to yourself and replace your inner monologue with one of kindness 10:45
  • Celebrate your flaws — Cut yourself some slack and celebrate your progression, understand your authentic self and discover the route to happiness 10.43

Part 5 - Going forward

  • Bottom up advocacy — Self reflect on your journey, build awareness of your anxiety, continue to focus on your growth and be able to pass on your teachings of perfectionism 12.21


  • How to embrace your flaws
  • Understand how outside influences affect how you feel
  • How to overcome the effects of perfectionism
  • How to silence your inner critic


  • How to embrace your flaws
  • Understand how outside influences affect how you feel
  • How to overcome the effects of perfectionism
  • How to silence your inner critic

Topics Covered

Celebrate your flaws Self-compassion Perfectionism Social media Inner critic Body image Mental health

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    Key Bonuses

  • Embrace your flaws
  • Understand yourself more
  • Silence your inner critic
  • Learn how not to give a f**k!


Struggles with: Anxiety

I've struggled with anxiety on and off since I was a little girl, so when I heard about Lovd I jumped at the opportunity to take the course! Tim breaks down the emotions and situations typically related to anxiety in such a logical way that it's hard not to turn inward and look at the stories you've been telling yourself and be inspired to rewrite them. I definitely resonated with a lot of what Nicole and Tim spoke about, and have taken the time to reflect and put into action some of the actions that Tim recommends, which in a few days have already helped me understand my feelings at a more deeper level. I'd recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about anxiety and the associated emotions that go along with it!


Struggles with: Confidence

Achievement: Walking into a room of people.

The course is in a really good format, really approachable, really easy to use. It is nice getting professional advice from Sara and stories from her professional career with first hand experiences from Nicole. There are lot of tips and advice on how to boost your self esteem and improve your confidence in yourself. It will definitely help me going forwards. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is struggling with these issues themselves


Struggles with: Anxiety

I really enjoyed the format of the sessions. Instead of being an intense monologue from a healthcare professional it seemed more like a conversation between friends. It was very helpful you can tell Nicole has dealt with these situations before and that she really wants to help people move forward and grow from them. Nicole was often voicing the dialogue that was in my head as the sessions were going on. The lengths of the sessions are really easy to fit into a busy day. Taking 20mins to listen to a session each morning really improved my outlook for the day. If you are thinking about doing one of these courses I would definitely recommend doing them because at the end of the day if you don't make time for your mental health then no one will.