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Focus on what you can achieve and how to celebrate it.

  • Growth of perfectionism — What perfectionism is really. Discover where perfectionism comes from, how perfectionism impacts our mental health and performance, know to never doubt yourself and understand the importance of loving you 08.17
  • Favourite flaws — How perfectionism is misunderstood, how our desires shape our goals and how to set realistic goals management 14.56
  • What is perfectionism — How perfectionism is misunderstood/what people believe perfectionism to be/know how our desires shape our goals/how to set realistic goals 12.13

Meet the Expert

Tom Curran

Tom is Assistant Professor in Psychological and Behaviour Science at the London School of Economics. He studies how the rising tide of perfectionism - in our social media feeds, in school, university, and work - is driving an increase in mental illness among young people. His TED talk 'Our dangerous obsession with with perfectionism is getting worse' has had nearly 3 million views.