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Make your high expectations work for you!

  • Competition — What competition means when talking about perfectionism, the importance of celebrating achievements, why appreciation is key to development and the merit of self reflection 10.56
  • Social media — What is the effect social media has on today's society? Discover how to use social media to empower, motivate and recognise the conflict of Instagram vs Reality 11.12
  • Expectations in school and university — Significance of education, understand life is a constant journey of learning, know how to deal with expectations and pressures in the education domain 16.12
  • Parenting — Do you place unfair expectations on your children? Understand where expectations stem from, realise the growth in competition and know how to manage your expectations 10.19

Meet the Expert

Tom Curran

Tom is Assistant Professor in Psychological and Behaviour Science at the London School of Economics. He studies how the rising tide of perfectionism - in our social media feeds, in school, university, and work - is driving an increase in mental illness among young people. His TED talk 'Our dangerous obsession with with perfectionism is getting worse' has had nearly 3 million views.