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How moving more can help your mental health

We all know that exercise is supposed to help improve your mental health right?

Well you don’t have to knock out 20 reps or do an ab challenge to get those benefits. Staying active is much easier than you may think. When you are feeling low or lethargic it can be very tempting to wrap yourself in your duvet and stay in bed all day but pushing yourself to engage your brain and body in even easy activities can really boost your mental health.

From science we know that your brain needs oxygen, and movement provides that oxygen to your brain cells so get moving even if it’s only from your bed to the sofa! Changing your surroundings can also really help you change your outlook of any issues you might be facing. It seems too simple to be true but studies have shown that lack of access to green spaces, lack of visual stimulation and untidiness can have a negative impact on how you feel. (Source:

There is a big beautiful world out there for you to see!

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