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Meet the Expert


Discover the importance of your own opinion.

  • Why do we care what people think? — Discover why we care about other people's opinions and how to not care following discussions on loneliness vs social connection 11.12
  • Should we care about what people think? — How much should we care what others think? Who should we care about? Find out the importance of moderation and how to make sure you are not caring too much 11.21
  • How we can harness our body to care less what others think? — Control your body’s response and thoughts, take advantage of feel good chemicals and realise the control you have of your own thoughts, emotions and behaviour 18.34

Meet the Expert

Sara Botto

Dr. Sara is a developmental psychologist and lecturer in the department of psychology at Emory University. Her research on when humans begin to care about the evaluation of others has been featured in ABC News, the Huff Post and other major newspapers. Her Ted Talk 'When do kids start to care about other people's opinions?' has had nearly a million views